Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

// E- rickshaw //

We are working on Mahindra E-rickshaw in Campus for its conversion into an autonomous vehicle. This will be used to demonstrate Longitudinal control for autonomous navigation. Sensors such as LiDAR, Radar and Camera have been mounted for environmental perception. Also, an inverter setup has been established in the E-Rickshaw to provide power supply to the onboard computers and work stations. Data from the onboard sensors is being fed into GPU based controllers for Real time onboard processing. Machine learning based algorithms are being used for problems such as Person detection and tracking.

\\ E- Verito Vehicle \\

Mahindra E-Verito is being converted into a drive by wire system at ARAI Pune. The vehicle is being integrated with steering and brake actuators. Throttle is being controlled by sending electronic signals separately. Sensors will be mounted on the top for environmental perception. The actuators will be connected to a low level NI controller where Control algorithm will be implemented.

\\ Transvahan \\

Campus E- mobility vehicle has arrived at IIT Hyderabad. It can be modified for both longitudinal and lateral control. It is being modified for integrating sensors for perception and inverter for additional power requirements for autonomous navigation. Linear actuators are being integrated to brake pedals for braking.

Transvahan campus mobility vehicle