Current Tenders

Start DateDescriptionDocumentsEnd Date
28-02-2023NMICPS TiHAN Foundation invites online Tender for Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of “Handheld Spectroradiometer - Qty – 01”
Tender File16-03-2023

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Purchase Orders

Due To Administrative Reason the following Purchase Orders has been Cancelled

Cancellation Date
PO. No. TiHAN-IITH/PUR/2021/F032
25th Nov 2021
PO. No. TiHAN/PUR/2021/005
28th Feb 2022
PO. No. TiHAN-IITH/09/2021/045
28th Feb 2022
PO. No. TiHAN-IITH/PUR/2021/045
25th March 2022
PO. No. TiHAN-IITH/PUR/2021/046
25th March 2022