M.Tech Students

Rohan Kaushik
Roll No: sm20mtech12001
Email: sm20mtech12001@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. B. Venkatesham
Project Title: System integration and sensor deployment for autonomous
passenger drone

Roll No: sm20mtech12002
Email: sm20mtech12002@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. M.V. Panduranga Rao
Project Title: Formal methods for autonomous navigation

Raj Kumar Surana
Roll No: sm20mtech12003
Email: sm20mtech12003@iith.ac.in
Supervised by:
Dr. C Krishna Mohan
Project Title: E-OSVOS:Efficient One-shot Video Object Segmentation

Abhinav Anand
Roll No: sm20mtech12004
Email: sm20mtech12004@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Sumohana S Channappayya
Project Title: Evalution of camera Image Quality for Autonomous Navigation System

Surya Pratap Singh Shekhawat
Roll No: sm20mtech12006
Email: sm20mtech12006@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. P. Rajalakshmi
Project Title: Autonomous Navigation of Drone Swarms

Shubham Jain
Roll No: sm20mtech12007
Email: sm20mtech12007@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Srijit P. K
Project Title:
YOLO V4, Bayesian Learning,

Tushar Garg
Roll No: sm20mtech12008
Email: sm20mtech12008@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Abhinav Kumar
Project Title:
YOLO V4, Bayesian Learning
K. Prashanthi
Roll No: sm20mtech12009
Email: sm20mtech12009@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Antony Franklin
Project Title:
Wireless communication Network, Internet of Things (IoT)

Dharmendra Kumar Prajapathi
Roll No: sm20mtech12010
Email: sm20mtech12010@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Digvijay S Pawar
Project Title:
Modelling of Autonomous Vehicle on TiHAN testbed using Micro-Simulation
MD Zeeshan
Roll No: sm20mtech12011
Email: sm20mtech12011@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Venkatesham B
Project Title:
Steering control for Autonomous Vehicle
Abhishek Kumar
Roll No: sm20mtech12012
Email: sm20mtech12012@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. G V V Sharma
Project Title:
Intelligent Drone for Detecting Real-Time Object and Evaluating the security performance
Abhishek Singh
Roll No: sm20mtech12013
Email: sm20mtech12013@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. P. Rajalakshmi
Project Title:
Deep Learning Sensor Fusion For Autonomous Vehicle

Rahul Bidla
Roll No: sm20mtech12014
Email: sm20mtech12014@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Kotaro Kataoka
Project Title:
Ecofriendly Mobility as a service using Blockchain
Rajeev Sharma
Roll No: sm20mtech14001
Email: sm20mtech14001@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. C. krishna Mohan
Project Title:
Real-time Object Detection Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles
Girish Verma
Roll No: sm20mtech12015
Email: sm20mtech12015@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Yemula
Project Title:
planning, Design and operation of Electric Charging stations for Fleet of Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Suneel Atmakuri
Roll No: sm20mtech12016
Email: sm20mtech12016@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey
Project Title:
Dynamics of Terrestrial Autonomous Vehicles
Pradyumn Sharma
Roll No: AI21MTECH02001
Email: ai21mtech02001@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Prof. C. Krishna Mohan
Area of Research Work: Object Detection for Autonomous Navigation using LiDAR data

PhD Students

Prasanth Kumar Duba
Roll No: ee20resch11008
Email: ee20resch11008@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. P. Rajalakshmi
Area of Research Work:
Autonomous Surveillance Drone for Defense Applications

Rubeena Aafreen
Roll No: ee20resch11012

Email: ee20resch11012@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Zafer Ali Khan Mohammed
Area of Research Work:
5G / 5G Radar for UAVs
Pradyunmna Gadepally
Roll No: ai20resch11005
Email: ai20resch11005@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Srijith P. K
Area of Research Work:
Bayesian Deep Learning for Vision
Kuldeep Singh Sodha
Roll No: ce20resch11010
Email: ce20resch11010@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Digvijay
S Pawar
Area of Research Work: Analyzing the Effect of In-Vehicle Driver Assistance System & Prioritizing Potential Safety Applications
Supriya Dilip Tambe
Roll No: CS18RESCH11002
Email: cs18resch11002@iith.ac.in

Supervised by: Dr. Antony Franklin A
Area of Research Work: Autonomous Navigation Applications being deployed through Edge Computing

Jayati Dutta
Roll No:EE20RESCH11009

Supervised by: Dr. GVV Sharma
Area of Research Work:  The Evaluation of Security Performance of Intelligent Drone for Detecting Real-time Objects using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Debolena Basak
Roll No: ai20resch11003

Email: ai20resch11003@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Srijith P. K & Dr. Maunendra
Area of Research Work:
Artificial Intelligence
Roll No: ee21resch01010
Email: ee21resch01010@iith.ac.in
Supervised by:
Dr. GVV Sharma
Area of Research Work: Autonomous Drones Navigation based on Deep Neural Network

Ranjitha K
Roll No: cs21resch01002
Email: cs21resch01002@iith.ac.in

Supervised by: Dr. Praveen T
Area of Research Work: Securing Next Generation Software-Defined Networks for Autonomous Navigations

Reshu Verma
Roll No: cs20resch11008
Email: cs20resch11008@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Kotaro Kataoka
Area of Research Work:
PBFT for the Consistency Assurance of the Road status Context Extraction
K.Aditya Bhagavathi
Roll No: EE20RESCH11006

Email: ee20resch11006@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr.Siva Rama Krishna.v

Area of Research Work: Material Development for Ultrasensitive Sensors for autonomous navigation systems

Sreekanth Sankala
Roll No: EE20RESCH11011
Email: EE20RESCH11011@iith.ac.in
Supervised by: Dr. Sri Rama Murty Kodukula
Area of Research Work: Voice Authentication for Command Control in Autonomous Vehicles