Student Work

Twinkle DasDesignFlying Car
Interaction & Interface
Aveen DayalArtificial Intelligence
Monocular 3D Object Detection for
Autonomous Driving
Harinder KaurElectrical Engineering
PC5-Based Cellular-V2X Evolution
and Deployment
Debolena BasakArtificial Intelligence
Continual image captioning for
Autonomous Navigation
Rubeena AafreenElectrical Engineering
UAV Communication Network
Electrical Engineering
 Intelligent Drone
Ketan ChaturmuthaDesign
Autonomous Vehicle Design- Air Mobility
Jayati DuttaElectrical Engineering
The Evaluation of Security Performance of Intelligent Drone
Sreekanth SankalaElectrical Engineering
Voice Authentication for Command
Control in Autonomous Vehicles
Prasanth Kumar DubaElectrical Engineering
Localization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Pradyumna Gadepally, Srinivas AnumasaArtificial Intelligence
Uncertainty Estimation and Neural
Differential Equations
Reshu VermaComputer Science & Engineering
PBFT for the Consistency Assurance of the Road status Context Extraction
Supriya Dilip TambeComputer Science & Engineering
Autonomous Navigation Applications being deployed through 5G and Edge Computing
K.Aditya BhagavathiElectrical Engineering
Self-Powered Triboelectric-Nano generator for autonomous navigation systems
Ranjitha KComputer Science & Engineering
Accelerating PUF based UAV Authentication