Research & Development

TiHAN at IIT Hyderabad, is envisioned as the Hub for Safe, Sustainable and Next Generation Smart Mobility Solutions, leading to be the destinations for collaborative research between academia, R&D labs and industry – both National and International. 

TiHAN Foundation focuses on the development of novel and cutting-edge next generation autonomous navigation and data acquisition technologies with applications primarily in different verticals: Intelligent and Autonomous Transportation Systems, and Agriculture. 

As our nation is currently progressing towards the realization of two important visions: “Digital India” and “Smart Cities”, the development of intelligent and automated Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) technologies for the aforementioned application verticals and their efficient integration with the state-of-the-art information and communication (ICT) technologies is the need of the hour. These technological advancements and adoption play a crucial role in making India a global technology leader in the domain of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). 

TiHAN has identified Core Research and work groups such as System Sensors and Control, Communication and Networking, AI/ML, Real-time Edge Compute, Design, Security, Simulators (Virtual/Physical), Safety – Testing and Validation. Around 41 faculty of IIT Hyderabad from different departments like Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics and Design is part of TiHAN Foundation and is working in these core areas.

TiHAN in collaboration with IIT Hyderabad has established a New Interdisciplinary 2-year M. Tech program on Smart mobility. It is first of its kind in India. The departments involved in this program are Artificial Intelligence, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Design, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.