Industry Lecture Series

Date of LectureLecture Topic DescriptionEminent SpeakerDesignationOrganisation Name
15-09-2020Autonomous vehicles – The culmination of electric, connected and shared mobilityMr. J. SreegururajPrincipal EngineerMahindra & Mahindra Ltd
29-09-2020Systems in packaging using intelMr. Israr SheikhFAE ManagerIntel
22-10-2020Autonomous Vehicle- the culmination of electric, connected and shared mobilityDr. Kamalkishore VoraSr. Deputy Director and HeadARAI Academy
26-10-2020Operation and Control of Indian National Grid – An overviewMr. P. PentayyaEx-GM, WRLDC & ERLDCPOSOCO
2-11-2020Smart grid technologies & StandardMr. Pradish MEngineer officerCentral Power Research Institute
11-11-2020Industry 4.0 FrameworkMr. Jaikumar SubramanianExecutive Director / Partner – Go To Market & Market ActivationIBM India
12-11-2020Autonomous Navigation Technology Economy & OpputunityMr. Devansh SharmaGlobal Head – AI Products & StrategySkoruz Technologies
19-11-2020Elecrical Actuation Systems for Aerospace vehiclesDr. Ravi KumarJunior Research FellowDRDO
25-11-2020How Car Design WorksMr. Devabrat BorgohainDesign LeadTCS
14-12-2020AI For Fraud Detection and Prevention in Online AdvertisingDr. Gaurav SrivastavaMachine Learning Tech LeadGoogle, USA
23-12-2020ADAS/Autonomous: Testing & validation across the development cycleMr. Ramanathan SrinivasanManaging DirectorAutomotive Test Systems
13-01-2021Technology landscape in bearings and key skills to be core engineering professionalDr. Lokesh AgrawalVice President and Head Research & DevelopmentNBC Bearings
13-01-2021Leveraging programmable networks to accelerate networked systemsMr. RinkuProject Research Scientist at IITBIIT Bombay
22-01-2021Applications of the Intelligent Transportation System(ITS)Mr. Prakash RJoint Director, Intelligent Transportation & Networking SectionC-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram
01-03-2021Advance Driver Assistance SystemsMr. C. Naveen KumarSenior LeadTCS, Bangalore
02-03-2021Machine Learning Acceleration from Edge to CloudDr. Vinod KathailXilinx Fellow and Chief Architect for the Vitis development environmentXilinx
17-03-2021PM-WANI (Prime Minister’sWi-Fi Access Network Interface) Architecture & SpecificationMr. Sandeep AgrawalTeam LeaderC-DOT Bangalore