Batch 2021-2022

Roll No: CS21RESCH11013
Supervised by: Dr. Sathya Peri

Research Work: Distributed Mobile Robots
Ketan Chaturmutha
Roll No: md21resch11005
Supervised by: Prof. Deepak John Mathew

Research Work: Autonomous Vehicle Design – Passenger Drone

Harinder Kaur
Roll No: cs21resch11008
Supervised by: Dr. BheemArjuna Reddy Tamma

Research Work: UAVs Networks
Ganta. Bhanu Ganesh
Roll No: EE21RESCH11010
Supervised by: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Yemula
Research Work: Impact of Autonomous Vehicles
on Electricity Grid 
Bherde Vaishnavi Satish
Roll No: CE21RESCH11008
Supervised by: Dr B Umashankar
Research Work: Application of UAV Techniques for Seepage Detection in Earthen or Tailing Dams
Pratik Chaudhary 
Roll No: CE21RESCH11012
Supervised by: Prof. Sireesh Saride 
Research Work: Autonomous Vehicle Pavement Response 
Aveen Dayal
Roll No: AI21RESCH11003
Supervised by:
Prof. Abhinav Kumar
Research Work: Motion Planning for Autonomous
Malepati Lokeswari Naidu
Roll No: CE21RESCH11007
Supervised by:
Prof. Suriya Prakash
Research Work: Structural health monitoring of bridges using UAVs

Batch 2020-2021

Prasanth Kumar Duba
Roll No: ee20resch11008
Research Work: Autonomous Surveillance Drone for Defense Applications

Supervised by: Dr. P. Rajalakshmi
Rubeena Aafreen
Roll No: ee20resch11012
Research Work : 5G/5G Radar for UAVs
Supervised by: Dr. Zafer Ali Khan Mohammed

Pradyunmna Gadepally
Roll No: ai20resch11005
Research Work:
Bayesian Deep Learning/Computer Vision/Stochastic Differential Equations
Supervised by: Dr. Srijith P. K
Kuldeep Singh Sodha
Roll No: ce20resch11010
Supervised by: Dr. Digvijay
S Pawar
Research Work: Analyzing the Effect of In-Vehicle Driver Assistance System & Prioritizing Potential Safety


Supriya Dilip Tambe
Roll No: CS18RESCH11002

Supervised by: Dr. Antony Franklin A
Research Work: Autonomous Navigation Applications being deployed through Edge Computing
Jayati Dutta
Roll No:EE20RESCH11009

Research Work:  The Evaluation of Security Performance of Intelligent Drone for Detecting Real-time Objects using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Supervised by: Dr. GVV Sharma

Debolena Basak
Roll No: ai20resch11003
Supervised by: Dr. Srijith P. K & Dr. Maunendra
Research Work:
Artificial Intelligence

Roll No: ee21resch01010
Supervised by:
Dr. GVV Sharma
Research Work: Autonomous Drones Navigation based on Deep Neural Network
Ranjitha K
Roll No: cs21resch01002

Research Work: UAV Security
Supervised by: Dr. Praveen T

Reshu Verma
Roll No: cs20resch11008
Research Work: Blockchain, IoT & Artificial Intelligence

Supervised by: Dr. Kotaro Kataoka
K.Aditya Bhagavathi
Roll No: EE20RESCH11006
Supervised by: Dr.Siva Rama Krishna.v

Research Work: Biosensors
Sreekanth Sankala
Roll No: EE20RESCH11011
Research Work: Voice Authentication for Command Control in Autonomous Vehicles
Supervised by: Dr. Sri Rama Murty Kodukula