Call for TiHAN Startup Proposals

Autonomous and Intelligent Navigation Systems for Ground, Aerial, and Water Surface Vehicles; Applications of Autonomous Navigation Technologies in Agriculture, Infrastructure Monitoring (Power Line, Constructions, Pipelines, Railway Tracks, etc.), Surveillance (Maritime, Airtime, Terrestrial), and Environmental Monitoring (Air, Water, Industrial Pollutants, etc.).

The proposals should aim towards translational technology research and development, considering the commercialization aspects in the aforementioned areasThe proposals can focus on the development of one or more technological aspects (provided below) for usage in the afore-mentioned thrust areas:

  • AI/ML Frameworks for autonomous navigation and efficient multi-sensory data aggregation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), etc.
  • IoT and CPS architectures for efficient usage of UAVs, ROVs, etc., in the Indian context.
  • Communications and Networking for Autonomous Navigation like DSRC, CV2X, etc.
  • Efficient edge computing architectures for multi-sensory information processing
  • Robotics related to autonomous systems.
  • Design for Smart Mobility (aerial/terrestrial)
  • Autonomous vehicle swarms and their applications
  • Control, Power, and design aspects of UAVs, ROVs, etc.
  • Connected unmanned aerial/terrestrial/underwater/underground systems.

Hub is currently seeking proposals for a duration of 12 to 18 months for funding Startups working in the above core areas with proven track records.

Startups – to encourage graduating students to establish their dream venture in the technological verticals in the areas of autonomous navigation and data acquisition systems.

Eligibility criteria for Startup:

  1. Applicant must be an Indian company registered under the Companies Act or comply with the definition of Start-up as per the latest notification of DIPP (Available at
  2. [Indian company: 51% or more shareholding is with Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin].
  3. If applicant is not yet registered as a startup, they are still allowed to participate but are required to get registered if they get selected for the final grant-in-aid.


Should have been incubated in an incubation center or technology/ research park supported by the Central or State Government. A letter from the incubation center or technology/ research park should be submitted with the proposal application.

4. The entrepreneur(s) must be willing to share equity in the venture with TiHAN.

Funding: The financial aid will be up to INR 25 Lakhs for the accepted proposal.

Note: The applicant would be required to furnish the proof of such registrations and necessary balance sheets with the proposal.

Proposal Preparation Guidelines:

The proposal should be submitted as a PDF file adhering to the format provided in Annexure A. Each proposal submitted by Startups must also be accompanied by an endorsement letter as per the template provided in Annexure B.

Proposal Preparation Templates:

Annexure A – Proforma for Startup Proposal – TiHAN IITH Download

Annexure B – Endorsement Letter Format Download

Proposal Submission Guidelines:

Please fill out the following Google Form for uploading the proposal:

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