Call for R&D Funding Proposals from Women Scientist

DST NM-ICPS Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation and Data Acquisition Systems (UAVs, ROVs, etc.) –TiHAN at IIT Hyderabad importantly focuses on the research, design, and development of autonomous navigation and data acquisition systems for UAVs, ROVs, etc. With a synergistic industry and academic collaborations, the hub aims at realizing the utilization of autonomous navigation and data acquisition systems. Hence, the hub would like to accept R&D funding proposals in the following thrust areas or verticals, but not limited to:

Autonomous and Intelligent Navigation Systems for Ground, Aerial, and Water Surface Vehicles; Applications of Autonomous Navigation Technologies in Agriculture, Infrastructure Monitoring (Power Line, Constructions, Pipelines, Railway Tracks, etc.), Surveillance (Maritime, Airtime, Terrestrial), and Environmental Monitoring (Air, Water, Industrial Pollutants, etc.).

The proposals should aim towards translational technology research and development, considering the commercialization aspects in the afore-mentioned areas. The proposals can focus on the development of one or more technological aspects (provided below) for usage in the afore-mentioned thrust areas:

  • AI/ML Frameworks for autonomous navigation and efficient multi-sensory data aggregation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), etc.
  • IoT and CPS architectures for efficient usage of UAVs, ROVs, etc., in the Indian context.
  • Communications and Networking for Autonomous Navigation like DSRC, CV2X, etc.
  • Efficient edge computing architectures for multi-sensory information processing
  • Robotics related to autonomous systems
  • Design for Smart Mobility (aerial/terrestrial)
  • Autonomous vehicle swarms and their applications
  • Control, Power and design aspects of UAVs, ROVs, etc.
  • Connected unmanned aerial/terrestrial/underwater/underground systems.
  • Regulatory and Policy framework for autonomous vehicles

Hub is currently seeking proposals for a duration of 12 to 18 months from Scientists/ Engineers/ Technologists and faculty members working in Universities/ Academic institutions/ Registered Scientific Societies/ R&D institutions/ Laboratories/ Autonomous R&D organizations of the Government with due approval of Competent Authority having adequate infrastructural facilities to carry out R&D activities.

Proposals with an industry contribution and Inter-Disciplinary nature are strongly encouraged. The TiHAN can support a quantum of funding upto Rs. 20 Lakhs.

Proposal Preparation Guidelines:

The proposal should be submitted as a PDF file adhering to the format provided in the Annexure A. Each proposal must also be accompanied by an endorsement letter duly signed by the head of the institution. The template is provided in Annexure B.

Proposal Preparation Templates:

Annexure A – Proforma for Project Proposal – TiHAN IITH Download

Annexure B – Endorsement Letter Format Download

Proposal Preparation Templates:

Please fill the following form for uploading the proposal

Last Date to Apply: 15th February 2023

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